Investing with Milieux Capital

We believe in complete transparency, tell it how it is without any rose- coloured glasses on.

Below we have answered 3 What and 3 How questions.
The 3 Why questions need to be answered by you:

Just the simple truth ...
If you lose your job, thus your income, will your wealth base support you and your family?
Will any of your properties or assets or cash in the bank give you a double digit ROI this year?
Do you believe your government is going to financially take care of you and your family?

If you answered NO to all the above,
you’ve now got the answer to WHY


Q. What is the entity called that I invest with?
A. RWL PROJECTS LTD., company number 13454014, which trades as Milieux Capital.
Q. What are my funds being used for?
A. Every aspect of planning approval for our developments through our associated companies. i.e., RJools, Salty Plots, as well as our various technology software and business entities.
Q. What is the investment term?
A. 12 to 36 months, you choose.


Q. How should I invest?
A. We are not financial advisors or tax expects so it’s always best to speak to them. However, the way all our investors invest through us is by using a SPV, they believe this best serves them from a tax point of view.
Q. How does RWL Projects pay me back?
A. This is primarily done through either equity partners plus development funding or just development funding, once a project has planning approval.
Q. How do I know with certainty that I’m going to get my investment back?
A. You don’t, there are NO certainties, however, our associated entities do extensive due diligence to mitigate the risk for our investors before entering into an Option Deed to acquire each asset.

In conclusion, all investing comes with a degree of risk, but, so does depositing money into banks, i.e. UK £ 85K or EU € 100K these are the maximum amounts that is protected by their respected governments, which ironically, are drowning in their own unsecured colossal debts…

Knowing you have to invest no matter what today to have any form of quality of life, maybe, the question is …

What’s your alternative?