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Unlike any other time in history, we must invest our money to counterbalance the currency devaluation that’s been brought about by inflationary pressure from fiscal policies. Super low interest rates and printing money, giving out free money (furlough), underwriting corporate loans, and buying corporate bonds have all caused this inflationary dynamic…
Last month 4.2% inflation rate, this month 5.1% and rising!


While leaving interest rates super low, printing more money, buying bonds including corporate bonds, flooding the hedge funders with an insane amount of money to buy up assets.

At the same time spend nearly £1,000,000,000,000 that’s a £trillion of tax payers’ money…

UK National Debt
Debt as of Mar 21, = £ 2.223 trillion
Net deficit as of Mar 21, = £ 324 billion (equivalent to 15.1% of GDP)
Estimated total liabilities including state and public sector pensions, = £ 4.8 trillion

If UK citizens don’t start directly investing themselves, then they need to get ready for a dramatic reduction in their wealth base. And in case you’re wondering, NO the government doesn’t have any more bullets in its fiscal gun to bail you out, they’re broke. They have a debt level of 106% of GDP, and if this was the balance sheet of a company it would be deemed insolvent.

We’re at a junction in time…and if you don’t act now, get ready for a significant lifestyle change as inflation is about to erode everything you’ve worked for…

Look at what everything is costing today, everything is skyrocketing, every product and service you pay for is significantly more today versus a year ago…

If it hasn’t, then you need to take control of your finances now and start investing your money.

Regardless, if it’s with us or someone else that’s credible, you need to invest a significant proportion of those funds that you’ve got stored up in the bank or in a home to counteract inflation.
We’re here to help you with this, we’ve created our business model around this new dynamic, to give individuals or corporates the opportunity to get directly involved in our projects.

Every project is intentionally set up for this purpose, for your benefit.

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What investment sectors does Milieux Capital have investments in?
Property Developments, Pre-planning or equity in PD’s for Lomond Property Group. RW Lomond, Essential Titles, RJools, TWJ Homes
We currently have various tech platforms under construction, Pre-launch
New tech based property businesses Plot Splitter, Modular Milieux, Salty Plots
Jonathan Gittins CIO
Chief Investment Officer

Jonathan has mastered the art of negotiating investments. He is extremely competent and confident in all things pertaining to property & commercial investments. His in depth knowledge and understanding of the economy from a fiscal and macro level is exceptional. Hence why he has a treasure trove of Investors awaiting to know his next investment opportunity.
E-mail: JG@milieuxcapital.com

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