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Unlike any other time in history, we must invest our money to counterbalance the currency devaluation that’s been brought on by inflationary pressure from the government’s reckless fiscal policies i.e., printing money, giving out free money (furlough), underwriting corporate loans, buying corporate bonds in “so called” too big to fail companies and so on…it’s a disgrace and every citizen of the UK is unfortunately caught up in this shambles…
UK National Debt
Debt as of Mar 22, = £ 2.3 trillion
Net deficit as of Mar 22, = £151.8 billion
Estimated total liabilities including state and public sector pensions, = £ 4.8 trillion

If UK citizens don’t start directly investing themselves, then they need to get ready for a dramatic reduction in their wealth base. And in case you’re wondering, NO the government doesn’t have any more bullets in its fiscal gun to bail you out, they’re broke. And with £70billion in interest payments and a dire recession on the horizon, things are only going to get worse…

We’re at a junction in time…and if you don’t act now, get ready for a significant lifestyle change as inflation is about to erode everything you’ve worked for…

Look at what everything is costing today, everything is skyrocketing, every product and service you pay for is significantly more today versus a year ago…

If it hasn’t, then you need to take control of your finances now and start investing your money.

Regardless, if it’s with us or someone else that’s credible, you need to invest a significant proportion of those funds that you’ve got stored up in the bank or in a home to counteract inflation.
We’re here to help you with this, we’ve created our business model around this new dynamic, to give individuals or corporates the opportunity to get directly involved in our projects.

Every project is intentionally set up for this purpose, for your benefit.

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What investment sectors does Milieux Capital have investments in?
One Milieux,
Milieux Homes
We currently have various tech platforms under construction, Pre-launch
New tech based property businesses Plot Splitter, Modular Milieux, Salty Plots
Clark Gray

After finding his professional calling through 6-years with one of the largest building groups in Western Australian (ABN Group), he branched out on his own as property developer in 1999.

Every project being acquired by cultivating a measured approach, which is underpinned by a disciplined acquisition criteria. No compromise on the quality of each location or access to amenities. Developing in locations where people aspire to live in, attracting a vibrant demographic of affluent residents.

At the heart of every project is an enriching experience that truly embodies, “home is where the heart is”

Examples of his works can be found here: www.lomondpg.com

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